#3 FET – CD1

October 10, 2010

AF came today as expected. I started one Estradiol Derm 100 patch today. I used Estrodot 100 last 2 times. My hubby picked up the drug for me last week. I don’t know why the pharmacy gave us different brand this time. Probably they can get more commission for selling this brand instead of the other one. I called pharmacy and the pharmacist said these two brands are interchangeable. However, the Estradiol is 4 times larger than Estradot in the size.

I was wondering where I am going to put 4 patches down the cycle period.  But the pharmacy said they can take the drugs back once it is taken out of the store. I can buy Estrodot but I need to pay extra money. We are not sure if the insurance will approve it or not. I will try this Estradiol for a couple days first to see what happens. I am pretty sure I need to buy some Estrodot when I have to put 4 patches.

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