7dp5dt – HPT ++

April 24, 2013

Our clinic told us that early HPT is “discouraged” since it might be inaccurate and cause misunderstanding. I understand that if we don’t see a line with early HPT we will feel frustrated and sad. However, the anxiety and the stress from waiting is not fun too. So we prepare 5 HPT sticks before the FET.

I started HPT 2 days ago, 5dp5dt, got a very faint line – I felt good about it since it might mean something; it also might be due to the hormone medications I am using. We just kept cautiously optimistic and hope the line will get darker day by day.

And luckily, the line did become darker yesterday – we felt better but still cautiously optimistic since it’s still only 6dp5pt.

This morning, I woke up at about 2:40am to go to bathroom. Again I did HPT and this time the line showed quicker and even darker. There was a dark “+” showing clearly on the stick!! I was more convinced that it is a real POSITIVE and I am pregnant !! I was a little bit exciting… I took a few photos of HPT with + just to keep the “evidence” since it will fade after a couple of hours. I want to show it to DH.  I could not fall asleep again, lying on bed turning and toasting. By about 4:30am I had to go to bathroom again and I did another HPT! It’s still BFP with a even darker “+”. I am totally convinced now! 🙂


This morning I went for an early Beta test to confirm the result. I should be able to get the result this evening. Hope it will be a nice solid HCG number! Fingers crossed!!!

Best wishes to all other moms and mom-to-be out there on the same boat with me!!!

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