Good to Go for 2nd Frozen Embryo Transfer

September 30, 2009

Today is my cycle day 14 (CD14). So this morning I had ultra sound and blood work done. I called my clinic at noon and the lining is 9mm and estrogen is 2009. The Dr. and nurse said everything looks perfect and the embryo transfer will be Oct 3 as expected.

This time we will transfer 2 3-day ICSI embryos with assisted hatching for both. There has no obvious evidence that assisted hatching (AH) will improve the chance of embryo implantation or live birth. However, the doctor said it is worth to have a try since I have one failed fresh IVF and one FET, plus my age. Some people did finally get pregnant with AH after a few failed IVF cycles. It won’t hurt to try something new as long as it is reasonable.

Since I am doing assisted hatching, to lower the risk of potential affection, I also started to take Medrol 1 tablet daily and Doxycycline (antibiotic) 1 tablet twice a day. These medicine will continue to the day of embryo transfer.

Fingers crossed for this FET.

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