Prepare for the #3 FET

October 7, 2010

I have been lazy lately on blogging. A little bit updates for our IVF Adventure: We are preparing for the #3 FET during Oct ~ Nov 2010 period.

My last AF was Sep 11. This month AF might come around same time. Then I will start Estradiol Derm 100 on the first day of my period. We will follow the same protocol as last 2 times. If everything goes well, we will do FET embryo transfer about Oct 26 ~ 27, 2010.

I did a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on July 21 2010 and everything has been back to normal after one month. So…  we will probably transfer 3 embryos this cycle. We’ve done single embryo transfer and 2 embryos tranfer before and they didn’t work. This time we will try something different.

With the new and improved uterus, plus one more embryos, and better spirit, the chance of getting pregnant will be much higher. Right? Absolutely! 🙂

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