#2 IVF – BFN

April 17, 2010

As much as I tried to keep positive, the result of this IVF was BFN.

I started HPT from 10dpt. There was a tiny bit line which made me think it might still have chance to get darker later. The tiny line was there since but didn’t get darker or wider. We bought a digital HPT on 12dpt and it showed “Not Pregnant”. I knew 99% it would be the case and decided to do blood test on 13dpt. The result was BFN and AF came same day.

It was frustrated that we have no control at all during this process. Embryos were perfect. How can we keep them in the uterus and grow healthily?

We might do a FET in May/June.

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  1. Irra says:

    I am so sorry, was hoping for the best outcome for you. Keep the faith, FET’s have been successful for many folks. Have you talked to your RE about trying assisted hatching (AH), embryonic glue, etc?

  2. We did AH in last FET. What’s embryonic glue?

  3. Irra says:

    I have read about embryonic glue in the blogs. Basically, it’s a protein like solution that they embryo is lightly coated in to help it adhere to the uterus wall, it mimics what naturally occurs in-utero and has proven successful for some women. Am not sure how available it is, but worth asking about (I know I will later this summer when we do our FET).

  4. Thanks Irra for the info.
    We will ask our RE on next Monday’s appointment.

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