#2 IVF – BFN

April 17, 2010

As much as I tried to keep positive, the result of this IVF was BFN.

I started HPT from 10dpt. There was a tiny bit line which made me think it might still have chance to get darker later. The tiny line was there since but didn’t get darker or wider. We bought a digital HPT on 12dpt and it showed “Not Pregnant”. I knew 99% it would be the case and decided to do blood test on 13dpt. The result was BFN and AF came same day.

It was frustrated that we have no control at all during this process. Embryos were perfect. How can we keep them in the uterus and grow healthily?

We might do a FET in May/June.

8dpt – 8 days past embryos transfer

April 7, 2010

8dpt…Placenta cells begin to secret HCG in the blood.

I had a headache today probably due to hormone fluctuation. I am lucky enough to not have headache till today during 2ww. It might be the secret HCG in the blood or it might be my AF is coming soon. Who knows? Hopefully it is the HCG level.

I will do HPT on Friday (10dpt) and Sunday (12dpt). The first Beta is scheduled on next Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

We are Not Along

April 2, 2010

Today it is my 4dpt.. Based on the development of embryos, blastocyst start to attach to a site on the uterine lining.

I watched a movie named Have You Heard about the Morgans. The Morgans was separating because of many reasons. The root cause was the infertility problem! It is obvious that more and more people are aware of infertility issues and IVF treatments due to the fact that many people are undergoing this very same personal issue. The infertility issue might damage your marriage if you can’t handle the emotional and psychological pressures during your IVF journey.

It was reported that infertility affects about 16% of couples who try to conceive. Today as many as 1 to 2% of children born in Canada and the US are conceived through high-tech reproductive technologies such as IVF, ICSI and IUI.

It has been eight months since I started this IVF Adventure blog. So far, this blog has welcomed 1406 visitors from all over the world. They found IVF Adventure from Google, Yahoo! or other search engines. You can imagine how many people in the world are looking for IVF information.

Look at the map below, where are you from and how did you find IVF Adventure?

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Leave a comment to share your story if you feel comfortable. Good luck with your IVF journey. 🙂

Two Week Waiting

April 1, 2010

First day: mostly bed rest even thought the instruction says bed rest is not necessary. I felt tired and sore in ovary area. Lying in bed made me feel better. I couldn’t sit too long.  I walked around the house once a while since I can’t stay in bed the whole day.

Second day: I felt a little better and start to watch TV, read books and surf the net. I ate fresh pineapple but not the core. I kept praying.

Third day: I felt much better and more relaxed. I made jokes with DH. At night we watched Survivor and cheered for the Heroes. We also watched The Office. The episode was about a pregnant office lady and her labor story. Pretty funny. I laughed so much that I was a little worried about my dear embryos. I should stay in a calm mood, right?

I normally like to have a long hot show ever night. Now I limited my show to about 5 minutes. No hot tub and long show during 2WW.

I know I have to be patient. I have been waiting for so long. I don’t mind two more weeks. 🙂

How are you doing, my friend?