FET #5

March 6, 2012

After a long break, I did a FET this morning. This is the 5th FET and probably the last one. We have two embryos left from #3 IVF cycle and they both survived the thaw today.  I was feeling luck when I was told that they both survived the thaw. I had 8 embryos from #3 IVF. The clinic always chose the best ones first when you do FET which means these 2 leftovers are not the best quality embryos. But they are still in good shape. Below is the specs of two embryos after the thaw.

  • Embryo #1 – 3 Cells, Grade 3
  • Embryo #2 – 2 Cells, Grade 4

I am thankful that they both survived the thaw. The embryologist said they still have good chance to develop. You never know – miracle does happens! 🙂

I am praying for a healthy pregnant.