IVF#3 – 7dpt

May 4, 2011

Symptoms on 1dpt-7dpt:

  • increased urinary frequency;
  • ovary area bloating;
  • sore back;
  • tiredness;
  • turning and tossing in bed due to bloating – it’s not comfortable sleeping on the right or left side since my body weigh push the ovary area.

I am really anxious to have HPT! I convinced myself not to do HPT this morning. But I will do it tomorrow morning on 8dpt.

3 Embryos Transferred Today

April 27, 2011

3 Embryos Transferred Today. 2 are grade 1 8 cells, the 3rd one is Grade 2 8 cells. All are high quality without fragment.

I am officially PUPO. 🙂

We are praying with all our fingers and toes are crossed!

ET Tomorrow!

April 26, 2011

ET was scheduled at 10:30 am tomorrow! 3 high quality embryos will be transferred. I got pregnant last FET with 3 embryos. I believe this time is the time!

I trust myself, and I trust life to support and protect me.

ER Tomorrow

April 23, 2011

I did Ovidrel shot last night to prepare for the egg retrieval tomorrow morning. Everything is working fine. A lot follicles are developing. E2 level was 7950. Lining has 3 nice layers. RE is the one I like. Hope I can have a lot mature eggs retrieved tomorrow.

I am doing the right thing at the right time and right place. I am complete and healthy. I am blessed too.

#3 IVF – Starts Today

April 11, 2011

We are starting #3 fresh IVF today. Same protocol, same doctor, same medication.

ER is estimated on April 23~24; ET is estimated on April 26~27.

We are hoping this time is the time.

Septate Uterus

June 9, 2010

We did an MRI at a private clinic last week. The report from the radiologist said I have a “partial septate uterus with greater than 1 cm septal myometrium identified”. Below is one of images of my uterus from the MRI.

You can see a heart shape in the middle, which is the inside of my partial septate uterus. Ideally the shape of uterus looks like a pearl – the top part is flat.  My RE recommended a a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to remove the septum. He said he can’t guarantee anything but it worth a try. I’ve done some research online – some people who have same issues did lap/hys and they got pregnant, which is very encouraging. Some people’s uterus has a regular shape but with septum inside the uterus – they got pregnant after the septum was removed.

We will give it a try, even though laparoscopy sounds a little bit scary.

Consultation with Psychologist

May 6, 2010

Today I had a one-hour consultation with a psychologist regarding my anxiety and stress due to IVF.

We have never talked about our IVF journey with anyone else, including our parents and siblings. We don’t think they can provide any help. Instead, it might bother them and we might also feel extra stress from telling them.

Although I try to release stress myself, from time to time I felt I was stressful and anxious. I have been thinking to talk to a professional for a longing time eventually I did it today.

It was helpful to talk to her. I felt a little bit relaxed after the consultation. I think I have a better understanding of my situation, which will help me handle the stress in a better way.

3D Ultrasound for Uterus

May 1, 2010

We had an appointment with RE 2 weeks ago and he suggested me do a 3D ultrasound for my uterus. He say my uterus has a irregular shape. He wants to do a 3D ultrasound or MRI to find out the shape of my uterus. My RE suspect that I might have bicornate uterus or Septate uterus.

We booked an appointment for 3D ultrasound on May 17, 2010. We will also have a meeting with RE on May 20 to discuss the next step based on the result.

Has anyone done 3D ultrasound for your uterus?

#2 IVF – BFN

April 17, 2010

As much as I tried to keep positive, the result of this IVF was BFN.

I started HPT from 10dpt. There was a tiny bit line which made me think it might still have chance to get darker later. The tiny line was there since but didn’t get darker or wider. We bought a digital HPT on 12dpt and it showed “Not Pregnant”. I knew 99% it would be the case and decided to do blood test on 13dpt. The result was BFN and AF came same day.

It was frustrated that we have no control at all during this process. Embryos were perfect. How can we keep them in the uterus and grow healthily?

We might do a FET in May/June.

8dpt – 8 days past embryos transfer

April 7, 2010

8dpt…Placenta cells begin to secret HCG in the blood.

I had a headache today probably due to hormone fluctuation. I am lucky enough to not have headache till today during 2ww. It might be the secret HCG in the blood or it might be my AF is coming soon. Who knows? Hopefully it is the HCG level.

I will do HPT on Friday (10dpt) and Sunday (12dpt). The first Beta is scheduled on next Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

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