Is it Good to do a Back-to-back FET?

August 15, 2009

The first Beta yesterday came back with a BFN. It was not a suprise since I’ve done 4 home tests and they were all negative. It’s official – I will have to move on and prepare for the next round.

Here is my FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) protocol:

I will start with Estrodot patches on CD1 and then do u/s and bloodtest on CD14 to check lining and E2. If it’s good to go, then I will start Crinone on CD14. ET will be 3days later since i have 3-day ICSI embryos.

I did my last ET on Aug 1 2009 and yesterday Aug 14 was #1 beta with negative. I stopped meds (Estrodot patches & Crinone progesterone gel) yesterday. I am waiting for my AF to come to start a new FET cycle. My clinic told me that I can start a back-to-back FET right away on first day of my incoming period.

My question is:

Is it ok to do a back-to-back FET? Will it be better to wait at least one more cycle to do the next FET, so that my body will be in a better condition? will those meds that I used in last cycle will influence the back-to-back FET?

What will you recommend, back-to-back FET or not?

Anyone else has any experience or insight on this issue?


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  1. Dr.Ma says:

    It’s difficult to predict which way is better than other. If your doctor suggested you to do so, she/he must have a good result in the program. Thus, you may follow your doctor’s suggestion. However, you are not ready, just delay.

    Good luck,

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