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In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is a process by which egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the womb, in vitro. IVF is a major treatment in infertility when other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed. The process involves hormonally controlling the ovulatory process, removing ova (eggs) from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilize them in a fluid medium. The fertilized egg (zygote) is then transferred to the patient's uterus with the intent to establish a successful pregnancy.

IVF Adventure is a website created by a couple who are currently in the process of In vitro fertilization (IVF). The purpose of this website is to share IVF knowledge and experience with other IVFers.

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When to Seek Treatment?

Generally, individuals should seek treatment if, after one year of having regular intercourse, pregnancy has not resulted or if there is a problem with repeated pregnancy loss. After a complete physical examination and hormonal study, the investigation may begin with daily recordings of the woman's basal body temperature and a semen analysis for the man.

Week 32 – Hire a Doula

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doulaWe interviewed a doula this Monday, November 4. We found her from a local doula association’s website. She has 6 years of doula experience with 19 client testimonials on her profile. She seems enthusiastic about what she is doing. Her fee is $800, including a free consultation, 2 prenatal visit with one-hour message at week 38; labor from 7-minute contraction till 2 hours after giving birth; and finally 2 postpartum visits.

Although the fee seems pretty high, we decided to hire her since we have no other family members to provide us emotional and physical support before and after delivery. Plus DH are not comfortable with seeing blood – He is worried that he might not be able to support me in the delivery room. With the help of doula, we are hoping a smoother delivery experience.

Studies have shown that having a Doula present at birth results in:

  • 50% reduction in Caesarean birth rates
  • 25% shorter labour
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 40% reduction in Oxytocin use
  • 30% reduction in Analgesia use
  • 40% reduction in forceps or vacuum deliveries

Researches show that women who have used a doula at birth are more satisfied with their births, feel more confident before and after the birth, show a quicker rate of bonding with their newborn, are less likely to have post-partum depression, and more likely to breastfeed.

Week 31 – Prenatal Class

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prenatal_classThis Tuesday, Oct 29, we started our first prenatal class at a local college. 2 hours/class/week, 6 week in a row. We will learn how to prepare for delivery and breast feeding and baby care after birth, etc. Prenatal class is really good for first time parents, especially if there are no one in your family can share their experience with you.

There were 13 couples in the class. The first class we mainly got to know each other and shared what we are doing, etc. We talked to a couple who has exactly the same due date as us. They mentioned they have been reading to the baby and they hired a doula for extra support. We think we should do the same. I have been listening to light music and two yoga classes a week to relax myself which is good. I have asked DH to talk to baby, however he is not that interested in doing it. Maybe reading story is an alternative.  Regarding doula, I’ve heard about that from an online forum but didn’t have chance to think about it. I should do some research to see if it’s a good idea. Anyway, getting an extra help is always good – considering we have no close ones to turn to when we really need help.

Week 30 – Shopping Baby Stuff Online

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baby boy clothToday it’s the big mile stone – 30 week and only 70 days to go!

Our baby has been very active since week 28 – I can almost feel the kicking all the time. A couple of nights ago the baby was kicking so constantly that I started to count how many times he can kick consistently. It was 145 times until he got tired and it was midnight 1pm when I was lying on bed! He sure is a strong little boy!! Maybe a good football player!

We feel it’s time to do some shopping when I can still be actively walk around. We found out that it’s cheaper to shop online from than from store front. So today I almost the whole day trying to pick the baby items that’s really essential for the first 3 month. I bought mostly baby clothing at newborn size. There is a 21 piece Layette Set only cost $38.50 – really a good deal and save trouble to figure out what clothes to buy for a new born. No experience at all – just guess what baby might need to have for the first 3 month. At the end of the day I spent about $150 for 13 different items, mostly thing in bulk to save money. Not totally they are all fit but feeling good about preparing for the baby!

Week 29 – Body Pillow

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body-pillowWith my belly getting bigger, it’s becoming more uncomfortable following asleep at night. It’s hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. I’ve tried left, right position which were my preferred position before getting pregnant – they are not good any more. My belly is pulling the weight to the bed when I sleep on the side. I tried to put an pillow under my belly but I haven’t found a right pillow. Those pillows I have now are either too hard or too thick.

I did a lot online research for body pillows for pregnant women. We bought a Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow (J shape) but found it too hard and not flexible enough. It also caused should pain due to the hard seam of pillow case. We also bought a regular body pillow (I shape) and it didn’t work either. I was so frustrated – why it is so difficult to find a body pillow??

However I do need a body pillow to help my sleeping, so research continues… finally I found another body pillow – it is in “U” shape and it looks softer from the picture and product video. From the customer reviews it seems like a better choice. It’s expensive ($100+) and it might not be able to return if I don’t like it. Anyhow I still decided to take this risk – my sleeping is more important and if it works, we are willing to pay $100 for it.  We ordered this Conform U full body pillow from Amazon this week. I will keep you posted once we receive it and tried it for a few days.

Updates on Nov 8 2013: 

I’ve been using this U shape body pillow for a few nights – not the whole night, just a few hours a night to see if my body can get used to it. So far it works just fine. It didn’t help release the pressure for my back but I still not able to find the right position for side sleeping.

Week 22 – Weight Gain and Baby Movement

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fetal movementMy belly is getting bigger and I am 123-125 pounds in recent weight measurement. I am happy with that.

I can feel the baby movement frequently during the date and night. I tried to find the pattern – I noticed three time periods when our baby is moving stronger: in the morning 11am-12pm; in the evening 6-7pm and midnight 11-12pm. Feeling the baby movement definitely give me reassurance and comfort – my baby is growing safely and healthily in my body!

I continue prenatal yoga once a week and 40-minute walking daily. I think I will find another prenatal class locally to attend – twice a week is better.

Week 21 – It’s a Boy!

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it is a boyWe did another u/s since the last one didn’t tell us what gender our baby is. This time we went to another hospital for the u/s and they have a totally different policy in terms of checking gender for the baby – this hospital will check the gender for your as soon as they are able to; however, the u/s tech is not allowed to tell you the result. Instead, they will write the result in the u/s report and you have to see your referral doctor to know the result. Therefore, during the u/s, the tech tried not to show us the gender. How can he do that? Well, he just very briefly glanced the image and it took him only 2-3 seconds. He careful checked everything else such as heart, brain, bladders of the baby and explained us the details, but not the gender. At the end of the u/s, we saw him quickly scan a couple of seconds and I noticed that something looks like baby boy’s penis between legs. So I said “it’s a boy!”. The tech had no reaction.

We have a wait for a few days later to see my doctor to get the result. It really drive me crazy! Why do they make thing so difficult? We were curious to know weather we are having a boy or girl so that we can pick a name and prepare stuff for the baby. We are happy with either boy or girl.

So this Thursday August 22 I went to see my doctor – In the u/s report, it said “fetus appear to be male” but “sex determination by u/s may not be accurate”. The u/s tech only took  2 seconds to check the gender and he might not see it very clearly? Maybe all the reports will read like that? Who knows. But based on Dr. Google, u/s is pretty accurate in terms of check baby’s gender. So I think we are having a boy! 🙂

Week 20 – I felt the baby movement

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Today is 20 Weeks 4 days and I think I finally felt the baby movement. It felt like bowel movement. At first I thought it might be just gas but the movement continue and getting stronger and more consistent. I was sure that’s from baby dancing in my uterus! Ever since I felt that type of movement, it repeats again many times during the day and night. Especially at night after I went to bed. I used to feel surreal … but now with baby’s development and movement, I am feeling more comfortable and it feels more like a real pregnancy.  I start to show – my belly is getting more obvious… can’t hide it anymore.

Timeline of Baby Movement

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I started to feel some sensation or some movement in my belly area that I’ve never had before since week15. But I am not sure if it’s baby’s movement. It might be my stomach? So I googled again and below is what I got.

Timeline of Baby Movement

Here is a guide to your baby’s possible movements.

  • Week 12: Your baby should start to move, but you probably won’t be able to feel anything, because the baby is still so small.
  • Week 16: Some pregnant women will start to feel tiny butterfly-like flutters. The feeling might just be gas, or it might be the baby moving.
  • Week 20: By this point in your baby’s development, you may start to really feel your baby’s first movements, called “quickening.”
  • Week 24: The baby’s movements are starting to become more established. You might also begin to feel slight twitches as your baby hiccups.
  • Week 28: Your baby is moving often now. Some of the kicks and jabs may take your breath away.
  • Week 36: Your uterus is getting crowded as the baby grows, and movements should slow down a bit.

Week 19 – Detailed Ultrasound

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Today is 19 weeks 1 day. We did our detailed u/s (anatomy ultrasound) at the hospital. I heard from other people that their detailed u/s was very long, some even 2 hours, because the baby was moving all the time. So I asked u/s tech if it might take a long time. She said no it will only take 15 minutes. She was right we only spent about 20 minutes in the u/s room. Everything is perfect – she mainly checked the heart beat (141 bpm), kidneys, bladder, limbs, spine, face, etc.

One big thing we were expecting was our baby’s gender – we were curious about it. However, u/s tech said it is the hospital’s policy that she can only check the gender if it’s over 20 weeks. Damn, our OB said we should be able to know the gender today – obviously he didn’t know this policy. How can he know that? Anyway, we will do another u/s in 2 weeks to find out if we are having a boy or girl.

The u/s was at 7:30am – we got up so early this morning that I felt so tired. Plus, the u/s tech pushed my belly so heard that I felt sore. I was feeling so tired the whole day afterwards.

Week 18 – Difficult Sleeping at Night

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Good news – I noticed that my allergies are getting better, mainly because the grass pollens are going away gradually.  I can go to my garden at the farm to take care my vegetables without feeling terrible any more.

I continue my daily walking. It’s about 1.5 km long but it will take me about 40 minutes. There is a long hill where I need to take a few breaks when I am coming back up hill. I like this route since there are trees along the street and I can walk under the shade in sunny hot days.

What bother me most now is the sleeping at night – I don’t feel good in any position, left side, right side or on my back. I have to change sleeping position constantly. Obviously my sleeping quality is too good. Plus I still go pee every 2-3 hours at night.

My belly starts to show, especially when I wear tight shirts. It becomes easier to get full than first trimester. I think I eat about same amount of food each day but my weight gain is way less than first 3 month, which makes me worried about the baby’s growth. I almost haven’t gain any weight in the last 4 or 5 weeks. Is it normal?

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