Septate Uterus

June 9, 2010

We did an MRI at a private clinic last week. The report from the radiologist said I have a “partial septate uterus with greater than 1 cm septal myometrium identified”. Below is one of images of my uterus from the MRI.

You can see a heart shape in the middle, which is the inside of my partial septate uterus. Ideally the shape of uterus looks like a pearl – the top part is flat.  My RE recommended a a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to remove the septum. He said he can’t guarantee anything but it worth a try. I’ve done some research online – some people who have same issues did lap/hys and they got pregnant, which is very encouraging. Some people’s uterus has a regular shape but with septum inside the uterus – they got pregnant after the septum was removed.

We will give it a try, even though laparoscopy sounds a little bit scary.

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  1. halima says:

    hi there, i have septate uterus and got pregnant without any problems i had to have emergency c-section due to premature labour at 36 week and breech presentation. it was after the surgery dr’s told me of my womb structure i didn’t know! i later managed to read up that i found breech and premature labour have both been associated with the septate uterus.

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