Week 16 – Bad Allergies

July 18, 2013

I am allergic to some pollens, mainly grass, weeds and birch trees. It has been very hot and dry since early June. My allergy symptoms have been bad, including big sneeze, running and itch nose and even sore throat, especially after I went to my garden. My garden is located in a farm where there are plenty of grass and weeds. I checked the pollen forecast everyday. The pollen reports have been medium to high in the last two months (June and July). I consulted a couple of OBs and pharmacists – they told me that most allergic pills are Class B medication, meaning it’s not 100% safe for the baby,  especially in the first trimester. So I tried not to take any medication, unless it was really necessary. I have not really enjoyed the nice summer weather – I try not to go to any parks. My regular exercise is going out for a walk in the neighborhood.  It has not rained for almost two months – I am looking forward to  raining days so that I can breath!

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