Week 21 – It’s a Boy!

August 23, 2013

it is a boyWe did another u/s since the last one didn’t tell us what gender our baby is. This time we went to another hospital for the u/s and they have a totally different policy in terms of checking gender for the baby – this hospital will check the gender for your as soon as they are able to; however, the u/s tech is not allowed to tell you the result. Instead, they will write the result in the u/s report and you have to see your referral doctor to know the result. Therefore, during the u/s, the tech tried not to show us the gender. How can he do that? Well, he just very briefly glanced the image and it took him only 2-3 seconds. He careful checked everything else such as heart, brain, bladders of the baby and explained us the details, but not the gender. At the end of the u/s, we saw him quickly scan a couple of seconds and I noticed that something looks like baby boy’s penis between legs. So I said “it’s a boy!”. The tech had no reaction.

We have a wait for a few days later to see my doctor to get the result. It really drive me crazy! Why do they make thing so difficult? We were curious to know weather we are having a boy or girl so that we can pick a name and prepare stuff for the baby. We are happy with either boy or girl.

So this Thursday August 22 I went to see my doctor – In the u/s report, it said “fetus appear to be male” but “sex determination by u/s may not be accurate”. The u/s tech only took  2 seconds to check the gender and he might not see it very clearly? Maybe all the reports will read like that? Who knows. But based on Dr. Google, u/s is pretty accurate in terms of check baby’s gender. So I think we are having a boy! 🙂

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