Week 29 – Body Pillow

October 18, 2013

body-pillowWith my belly getting bigger, it’s becoming more uncomfortable following asleep at night. It’s hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. I’ve tried left, right position which were my preferred position before getting pregnant – they are not good any more. My belly is pulling the weight to the bed when I sleep on the side. I tried to put an pillow under my belly but I haven’t found a right pillow. Those pillows I have now are either too hard or too thick.

I did a lot online research for body pillows for pregnant women. We bought a Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow (J shape) but found it too hard and not flexible enough. It also caused should pain due to the hard seam of pillow case. We also bought a regular body pillow (I shape) and it didn’t work either. I was so frustrated – why it is so difficult to find a body pillow??

However I do need a body pillow to help my sleeping, so research continues… finally I found another body pillow – it is in “U” shape and it looks softer from the picture and product video. From the customer reviews it seems like a better choice. It’s expensive ($100+) and it might not be able to return if I don’t like it. Anyhow I still decided to take this risk – my sleeping is more important and if it works, we are willing to pay $100 for it.  We ordered this Conform U full body pillow from Amazon this week. I will keep you posted once we receive it and tried it for a few days.

Updates on Nov 8 2013: 

I’ve been using this U shape body pillow for a few nights – not the whole night, just a few hours a night to see if my body can get used to it. So far it works just fine. It didn’t help release the pressure for my back but I still not able to find the right position for side sleeping.

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