Week 34 – Natural Birth, Medicated Birth or C-section?

November 22, 2013

So far we have had 4 prenatal classes at the local college. The topics are focus on Labor and Delivery choice and medication options during laboring. I am in 34 weeks now so it’s also the time to really think about how to cope with laboring.

First of all, I am very worried about my labor – I am afraid that I might have trouble giving birth due to my age and physical condition. I don’t know if my cervix will be able to dilate to 10cm (who knows?); I don’t know if my pelvic bone will be wide enough for baby to pass … etc. – I know these unknown are the same to all pregnant women and everything has to cope with these issues if they want to be a mom. My rational me told me not to worried about these uncertainty since it won’t change anything – it will only make myself more stressful at the last a few weeks of pregnancy.  I should really focus on the positive part – my baby is doing well and I am in good shape and good hands. I have my DH and a Douala to support me during laboring. I should just enjoy the last a few weeks of pregnancy!

I think I have low tolerance of pain – I need to take pain killer even for my menstrual cramps. Labor contractions are more  intense than menstrual cramps. I think I will be open to medications for pain management. I am not against to c-section if it’s medically necessary. As know some people really want to have natural birth but they still ended up with c-section after the painstaking laboring efforts – that’s what I don’t want to experience. But this is not under anybody’s control. I have expressed this concern to my OB but it seems he is not too worried about this. He said most likely I won’t have a big baby and it should be fine. But who knows what will happen. Let’s just don’t worried too much for now.

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