Week 36 – First Mild Cramps & Packing for Hospital

December 6, 2013

It’s week 36 today! Only 4 weeks to the due date! This morning about 7:00am when I was lying on the bed and stretching my numb and sore fingers, I had a mild period-like cramps, first time ever that I felt a cramp like this. So it’s a sign of baby is getting ready. I have had frequent Braxton Hicks since week 28, especially the last 4 weeks. It comes and goes without any cramps. My OB told me that when Braxton Hicks are getting fewer, it’s the time when the baby is ready. I noticed that it’s kind of slow down a little bit yesterday but not too much. I also felt more pressure on my lower abdomen these two days.

I think I should really start packing my bags for the hospital.

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