Week 38 – Numb Heels and etc.

December 23, 2013

Dec 20 – OB appointment: My OB did an pelvic  exam. He said the cervix is getting thinner but still not open yet.

Hemorrhoids are getting better but I saw some bleeding when I went to bathroom. Continue using Anugesic-HC and Sit-bath after each bowel movement.

More Braxton Hicks and they last longer and stronger. Baby still move a lot. I can tell that he is moving towards to my pelvic area and I am feeling pressure in my pelvic. As a result, my panties XL size are not comfortable any more – they drove me crazy when I am sitting in the car. I need larger size panties.

In the last a couple of days I noticed that my heels are getting numb – it must related to swollen feet. I will ask OB next time.

Today, Dec 23, I did another ultrasound exam – baby is now 7 pounds. His head is about 9.4cm, which means my cervix has to be at least 9.4cm in order to give birth naturally.

I asked a lot of questions after ultrasound. The u/s operator is also an experienced OB. She is nice and I am more comfortable asking questions to her than my own OB. She said I should not be worried too much since it won’t help at all. Just keep positive and open-minded. That’s so true. I should focus on good things – everything is showing that I have a healthy baby and most likely I will be able to give birth to my baby without too much trouble.

Keep positive!


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