Week 30 – Shopping Baby Stuff Online

October 25, 2013

baby boy clothToday it’s the big mile stone – 30 week and only 70 days to go!

Our baby has been very active since week 28 – I can almost feel the kicking all the time. A couple of nights ago the baby was kicking so constantly that I started to count how many times he can kick consistently. It was 145 times until he got tired and it was midnight 1pm when I was lying on bed! He sure is a strong little boy!! Maybe a good football player!

We feel it’s time to do some shopping when I can still be actively walk around. We found out that it’s cheaper to shop online from Walmart.com than from store front. So today I almost the whole day trying to pick the baby items that’s really essential for the first 3 month. I bought mostly baby clothing at newborn size. There is a 21 piece Layette Set only cost $38.50 – really a good deal and save trouble to figure out what clothes to buy for a new born. No experience at all – just guess what baby might need to have for the first 3 month. At the end of the day I spent about $150 for 13 different items, mostly thing in bulk to save money. Not totally they are all fit but feeling good about preparing for the baby!

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