Week 31 – Prenatal Class

November 1, 2013

prenatal_classThis Tuesday, Oct 29, we started our first prenatal class at a local college. 2 hours/class/week, 6 week in a row. We will learn how to prepare for delivery and breast feeding and baby care after birth, etc. Prenatal class is really good for first time parents, especially if there are no one in your family can share their experience with you.

There were 13 couples in the class. The first class we mainly got to know each other and shared what we are doing, etc. We talked to a couple who has exactly the same due date as us. They mentioned they have been reading to the baby and they hired a doula for extra support. We think we should do the same. I have been listening to light music and two yoga classes a week to relax myself which is good. I have asked DH to talk to baby, however he is not that interested in doing it. Maybe reading story is an alternative.  Regarding doula, I’ve heard about that from an online forum but didn’t have chance to think about it. I should do some research to see if it’s a good idea. Anyway, getting an extra help is always good – considering we have no close ones to turn to when we really need help.

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