Week 37 – Hemorrhoids, Swollen Feet, GBS

December 15, 2013

We reached Week37 mark on last Friday, Dec 6. We had a OB appointment on that date too – GBS came back negative so that’s good news. We did a growth U/S again on last Monday Dec 2 – everything is on track – baby was about 6.5 pounds and my cervix was still 3.3cm. No sign of dilating yet.

My feet and ankle have been swollen since Nov 11 2013. One thing my belly is getting big and I am still sleeping on my back with my feet bend. Another reason is that I stop my routine walking due to cold and raining weather. What’s worse the hemorrhoid is back and it was painful since yesterday due to long hours sitting for my final exam and the lunch with in-laws after that.  Pain in ass – that’s how I am feeling now.

Swollen feet and ankle are worse at the night time too. DH has to give me feet message every night.
This week we bought car seat and stroller – almost ready for the baby to come.

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