Will Assisted Hatching Help Embryo Implantation?

August 20, 2009

I heard that some people did assisted hatching with their IVF or FET. I know that most of people will do anything reasonable to get pregnant. I’m trying to collect some info that might benefit most of us.

My questions are:

  1. Will assisted hatching help implantation?
  2. Who, in what situations, are good candidates for assisted hatching?
  3. if we have 2-3 embryos to transfer, can we do 1 or 2 embryos assisted hatching, and the last one without hatching?

Anyone else has done assisted hatching or planning to do assisted hatching?Any info or insights are welcome.


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  1. Dr.Ma says:

    Below are answers to your question

    1. Although AH is still controversal, our own data showed that it may help embryo to implant. I feel that you may consider trying it. At least, there is no harm in a experienced operator’s hand.

    2. Women older than 35, or one with repeated failure of implantation

    3. Yes, you may do both.

    Good luck,
    Dr. Sai Ma

  2. rmg says:

    I have done AH and it worked for me. I was 36 when I got pregnant. I have a precious daughter now. It is said that the outter core around the embryo might thicken and harden with age and so it needs a bit of help to get out and implant.

    I would do AH for them all, give the best chance to all the embryos. I did so.

    Good luck!

  3. Patty says:

    I am on my 3rd IVF and now in the 2 wk waiting period. This last one is AH so fingers crossed 3 implanted and I will let you know the outcome. The Dr. recommended due to my age 39 and repeated failures last 2 attempts.

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